Nowadays gaming mouse technology is increasing rapidly. Gaming mouse manufacturers producing gaming mouse at a fast pace. But before there is still some mouse that is in the budget segment and provides great performance and comfort.

Logitech G302 is one of them. It is available on at the price of Rs.1499. As we know that the Logitech G102 has a better sensor and Rs.100- Rs.200 low price. I used both G302 and G102 (G402 Hyperion also). G302 served me well for almost 11 months and after that, I decided to give a try to other Logitech mouses. First I bought the G402 and the first experience was all bad. It is a good mouse indeed it gives some misclick and sensor accuracy issues. G302 also uses the same sensor but G402 has a hybrid sensor. After unsatisfied with G402 I bought G102 and tested it. In the beginning, it was doing well but after 5-10 minutes of use I was facing the problem of mouse back was touching my palm and the height is a bit shorter. If you are fingertip user and don’t link the mouse your palm then G102 and G402 are not for you. After the use of 1 month G102 also has the same issue of a misclick. As I can say G302 is perfect and provide the best comfort and clicking experience at a low budget segment.

I am a fingertip user and have big hands, the mouse is small in size and the diamond shape is perfect for side gripping for flick shots in FPS games. The sensor is also accurate and has no issue at all.

Some people don’t link the shape but, my personal point of view this shape is the best. It gives extra room for your finger to grip well and doesn’t bother you if you have sweaty hands.

Everybody has different hand shapes, sizes, and different grip users. It depends on you how you feel with the mouse while you play. Comfort will be your first priority, then shape and the other things. Sensor matters but not that much, if the sensor is top in the market and the mouse is not for your comfort then there is no point to waste your money. Find best what is best for you. Go to the shop and try the demo models and see if the mouse feels good and comfortable for you, go for it.


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