Back in March 2017, Ubi Soft launched Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wild Lands. It was the first open world game of Ghost Recon Series. But on 9 May 2019 Ubi Soft announced new game of Ghost Recon Series, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Source: Polygon

The release date of Ghost Recon Breakpoint is 04 October 2019. This game will be Co-op and solo player mode. You can play the squad with your friends. This game is based on U.S Elite Soldier survival and fights with other Ghosts, that they are all well trained just like you and your team. Now Ubi Soft is moving from Bolivia to Nomad and other fictional Pacific Island-Esque open-world islands of Auroa. There is a notable villain time Jon Bernthal’s character: Cole D Walker (also seen in Ghost Recon Wildlands mission Oracle). He has also elite ghosts in his team known as The Wolves.

Source: Engadget

If you don’t want to play Co-op or solo, you can play PvP multiplayer mode that will let you play different “high-action” games with friends and other players. It means you and your friends are not going to play with just AIs but with other players also.

Source: Youtube

Till then you have to wait for the initial release of this game. You can pre-register on Uplay for BETA version of this game. Stay tuned for more.


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