As we all know that Xiaomi (also called Redmi or Mi) is very popular in India for its cheap and budget-friendly smartphones. It provides good quality phones with awesome specs at a low price.

But now also sell headphones with good quality sound. And now Xiaomi launches its latest wireless headphones in India. These headphones come in two color variants Red+Black and Gold+Black.

Let’s talk about the specifications of these headphones. Xiaomi claims that these headphones come with 20hrs of battery backup. These headphones come with 40mm driver to give you better sound quality and with super bass. Xiaomi uses a good quality ear cushions Xiaomi called it Pressure-less Ear Muffs. These headphones support 5.0 Bluetooth technology. Xiaomi said that this latest Bluetooth technology provides better quality and a wider range of connection with your smartphone or laptop.

Source: Xiaomi

There are also a lot of other branded wireless headphones in the market. They are little old but provide better sound quality. (Note: You may need to spend a little bit higher like 400-500 Rs. to get better headphones like JBL).


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